Maize ‘Choice’ #2




A unique yellow dent x red flint F1 maize hybrid designed for eaters, not industry. Breeder Keith Williams works to honor and explore the diverse genetics of traditional maize while also applying modern breeding practices to improve crop reliability. The ultimate goal? To create delicious new varieties that focus on flavor while also strengthening the bottom line for regional growers. In collaboration with Row 7, Keith patiently self-pollinated maize flavor selections over many generations to create stable inbred lines of flint and then crossed them to modern inbred dent genetics—a first in maize breeding. This semi-flint hybrid marries the flavor and beauty from traditional flint with the resilience and yield from modern yellow dent, allowing it to be planted at nearly the same density as modern corn hybrids. The beautiful reddish-yellow ears can be used to make cornmeal and masa, or fermented into beer and spirits. 100 days to maturity. 


If you are interested in commercial production for 2023, please inquire at