Dakota Dawn Potato #2
Dakota Dawn Potato #3


Dawn Potato

A delicious, color-splashed potato with deep flavor and a memorably creamy texture that’s perfect for roasting. 105 days to maturity.


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Our organic Dakota Dawn seed potatoes were produced in New York. Each seed potato sold supports public plant breeding research at North Dakota State University. 


Solanum tuberosum


North Dakota State University breeder Asunta (Susie) Thompson serves one of the nation’s largest potato-growing regions, developing improved varieties for commodity markets. While these markets are important for growers in North Dakota and beyond, they are also rigid in how they define potato quality; any varieties that don’t conform to existing market standards are often rejected.


Several years ago, chef Dan Barber sat next to Susie on a panel and asked her, “What’s the one potato from your breeding selections you can’t throw away?” Susie answered immediately, wistfully describing an experimental variety with color patches that could fluctuate from reddish purple to bluish purple depending on the season. Despite having a remarkably rich flavor, the variety was deemed unsuitable for the mass market. “No one wants an inconsistently colored potato,” she explained. But Row 7 does. Especially when it comes with flavors of sweet potato, burdock and toasted grains, and a memorably creamy texture that’s perfect for roasting. We’re thrilled this singular (and singularly delicious) potato has finally found its way to market. 



105 days 



9-12” between plants; 3’ between rows 



Plant in fertile soil in 3-4”-deep furrows. Tubers 2" or larger can be cut in half with at least two “eyes” per piece. 



Hilling: Mound soil to cover half of the plant. Repeat until hills are 12" tall. 



For mature potatoes, dig tubers about 2 weeks after foliage has died back. Cure for one week before storing. For longest storage life, store at 40° at 90% humidity.